Basic Nutrition

Cucumber Nutrition Facts And Health Benefits

Basic Nutrition

Cucumber Cucumber is a plant of the `Cucumis sativus`, an herbaceous vine of the botanical family Cucurbitaceae that reaches approximately one meter in height. Cucumbers are eaten unripe since ripe specimens lose their crispness and […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricots

Basic Nutrition

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricot Apricot is fruit that give sparkle and beauty to your eyes and is famous as one of the most known traveled trees. Its center of origin is China from […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Banana

Basic Nutrition

Originally from Southeast Asia, its cultivation has extended throughout tropical and subtropical regions in Africa and America. After the apple, the banana is the most consumed fruit in the world. The fact that it is […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Grapefruit

Basic Nutrition

Some of the major health benefits of Grapefruit are that unblocks the arteries and cleanses the blood, and has preventive ac­tion against cancer. 10 Amazing Health Benefits of Grapefruit There are varieties of grapefruit with […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cherries

Basic Nutrition

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Cherries A cherry tree in bloom, and later filled with fruit, adds a cheerful note of color to spring. Satisfies the hunger and purifies the blood Cherries have been eaten […]

Food Recipes

Cauliflower Salad Recipe

Cauliflower Salad Recipe   Ingredients: one head of cauliflower 2 tablespoons of olive oil 1 tablespoon of mustard sugar salt and pepper sour cream 50grams [...]

Drink Recipes


Coffee Milkshake Pleasant taste for coffee lovers and everyone else. Ingredients for 4 persons:   80 g. or  (3 ounces) grated dark chocolate 1 tablespoon [...]

Healthy Living

World Cuisine

Japan Cuisine – The History Of Sushi

Asian cuisine
Did you know that the Japanese eat 1/6 of all fish and seafood caught in the world There are over 10,000 species of fish and seafood in Japanese cuisine. Japan is an island nation, washed [...]

Vietnamese Cuisine Noodles and Shrimp

Asian cuisine
Vietnamese cuisine noodles and shrimp Vietnamese cuisine is one of the most varied and seductive on the planet. A delicious mix of the food of its colonial visitors and age-old native flavors and techniques. Many [...]


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