Two Juice Recipes For Better Digestion And Colon Cleansing

Two Juice Recipes For Better Digestion And Colon Cleansing

Two juice recipes for better digestion and colon cleansing Do you have problem with stomach digestion and constipation? Sometimes we all do and it is not always necessary to rush in the pharmacy for the solution of this problem, because sometimes you can find the right solution in your kitchen. One of the best things […]

Two Super Green Energy Boosting Juices

Two super green energy boosting juices

Two super green energy boosting juices This green energy boosting juices are perfect to prepare in the mornings, an excellent way to start a day with all the needed vitamins and minerals for the body. Cucumbers are naturally cooling and hydrating food, rich in potassium and magnesium, perfect for improving the skin complexion. The green […]

Homemade Iced Tea Recipes

iced tea homemade

Homemade iced tea recipes Ideal solution for refreshment is iced tea with raspberries blackberries and peaches. Whilst there is nothing wrong with having a bento tea subscription, it is always nice to try different varieties of tea. Nothing can refresh and strengthen better then iced tea. Satisfaction is even greater if you prepare it yourself. […]

Cucumber Lemonade With Chia Seeds

Lemonade with cucumber and chia seeds

Cucumber lemonade with chia seeds Cucumbers are an essential ingredient of our summer salads. Even 96% of this vegetable from the Cucurbitaceae family is made of water, so by consuming cucumbers you will hydrate your body and promote detoxification by their regular consumption. Cucumbers contain vitamins C and K, B1, B5 and B7 and potassium, […]

Melon Juice Recipe

melon juice recipe

Melon juice recipe Melon (Cucumis melo) is a one-year-old plant, considered by some as fruit, and by other as vegetables. The fruit is an oval shape and is the inner part that we eat but also seeds and root are healthy. Juice, compotes, marmalades, fruit salads, are made from melons. It serves as a cold […]

Watermelon Juice Recipes

watermelon juice recipe

Watermelon juice recipes We usually consider watermelon as  a fruit, although it is actually a vegetable from a family of cucumbers. Watermelon or citrus (Citrullus lanatus) originates from Africa, and the first true cultivation of watermelon as a native species began in Egypt. Watermelon nutrition People usually do not know that besides water, watermelon is […]

Linden A Natural Soothing Remedy

Linden tea

Linden a natural soothing remedy Linden is a deciduous tree with broad crown, high up to 25 meters and usually flowers in June. For a long time, Linden was used as a remedy for many health problems. According to the legend, the rays of the sun are in blossom of the Linden, and therefore after […]

Start Your Day With Bee Pollen Healthy Energy Drink

bee pollen energy drink

Start your day with bee pollen healthy energy drink Bee pollen is a treasure trove of nutrients, including amino acids, B vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. A working bee needs a whole month to collect only one tablespoon of pollen. So why are we using this special bee product? What is bee pollen special? […]

Four Apple Smoothie Delights Recipes

Apple smoothie delight recipers

Four apple smoothie delights recipes Apple is the queen of fruits, delicious and medicinal. Apple belongs to the rose family, and the cultivated apple tree originates from southern Siberia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, from where it spread throughout the world. Today is the most cultivated tree in the world. One apple is like a […]

Kefir The Miraculous Probiotic Milk-Health Benefits And Recipes

Kefir the miraculous probiotic milk

Kefir the miraculous probiotic milk-health benefits and recipes Experts say that natural sugars of this medicinal beverage facilitate glycol regulation and relieve many problems that people with diabetes are struggling. This is reason enough to try this miraculous milk. Kefir for centuries was a traditional drink for inhabitants of the Caucasus, known for their vitality […]