How many garlic cloves should you eat for balanced blood pressure?

chopped garlic on a wooden board

How many garlic cloves should you eat for balanced blood pressure? Garlic (Allium sativa) is one of the most powerful plants in the world that has been in use for thousands of years thanks to its powerful healing properties. It has always been known to be an exceptional remedy for many diseases including blood pressure […]

5 Best Summer Drinks

5 Best Summer Drinks

5 Best Summer Drinks It is a well-known fact that in the summer you should drink more fluids. Whether you decide to opt for something like DRY vanilla bubbly this summer or you’d prefer to stick to your smoothies, staying hydrated in the hotter months is always important. It is advisable to increase the amount […]

Which is the right diet for us?

Which is the right diet for us?

Which is the right diet for us? We usually choose a diet when a friend tells us that she has lost weight by following a diet, and we remain unpleasantly surprised that it does not work for us. The reason is that each organism has its peculiarities – according to metabolism, type of body, gender […]

What Every Vegan Should Have In Their Kitchen

vegan basket

What every vegan should have in their kitchen The most guarded secret of the greatest cooks and chefs is a good organization, because it is crucial! Here’s what vegan always needs to have in the fridge and leave … Trying to cook vegan dishes and you just do not know how to start? How to […]

Nutritional Guide Through Healthy And Happy Pregnancy

pregnant woman

Nutritional guide through healthy and happy pregnancy For each women life stage, it is important for her to choose a healthy and balanced menu. But if you prepare your body for pregnancy, this is the most important time to eat nutritious and healthy meals. Despite the fact that there is a lot to do in […]

Spices For A Healthier Diet


Spices for a healthier diet Adding spice to healthy meals can accelerate and speed up the burning of calories, which will be one step closer to a better figure. A small amount of cinnamon or pepper can improve the taste of food. It can also be your ally in the fight against excess weight, but […]

7 Detox Drinks For Weight Loss

7 detox drinks for weight loss

7 Detox Drinks For Weight Loss The quality of the body will be 100 times better if you drink these wonderful drinks! When the body accumulates too much fluid, the swelling appears, like bags under the eyes, thickened ankles, swollen fingers but that is not so bad. It’s terrible when the water is accumulated in […]

Nutrition And Age A Pledge Of Beauty And Longevity.

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Nutrition and age: each age their diet! A pledge of beauty and longevity. In 30 years it is easy to maintain the desired shape and lose weight, at 40 to stay slim becomes a little more difficult, by the age of 45, a tummy appears if you do not exercise. And in the menopause, any […]

6 Signs That You Are Sensitive To Gluten


6 Signs that you are sensitive to gluten Recognizing the sensitivity to gluten, as well as its possible consequences of celiac disease is not easy, especially at an early stage, if some of the symptoms are ignored. Medical tests can often make mistakes. Unfortunately, standard medical tests to gluten are not precise enough and can […]

3 Reasons Why Children Should Not Eat Sugar


3 Reasons why children should not eat sugar Do you think there’s nothing wrong with your child at home or in school when eating candy and drink soda? Well, think about it again – because sugar even in low quantities is a danger to the children’s health. If your children still want to have something […]