Which is the right diet for us?

We usually choose a diet when a friend tells us that she has lost weight by following a diet, and we remain unpleasantly surprised that it does not work for us.
The reason is that each organism has its peculiarities – according to metabolism, type of body, gender and age.

We usually think that diet is the easiest way to lose weight, and that is deeply wrong. To be effective and safe, it is necessary to specify many shades – otherwise, you risk damaging your health, and the extra pounds instead of decreasing, are returning multiplied.

When choosing a diet to lose weight, you need to be guided by several principles, which will help you lose weight without risk to health.

  • Set a clear goal of how many kilos you should take while on a diet.
  • Set a deadline for realization of this goal, but be realistic – do not create a great deal of stress.
  • Do not choose diets that promise you a lightweight weight loss – usually they cause a yo-yo effect, and even if the weight loss is effective, it will be too painful.
  • Think about entering, but also about going out of the diet – if you then go back to your old rhythm of life and nutrition, there will not really be an effect.
  • In the final diet account is a preparatory stage for a fundamental change in your lifestyle and nutrition.
  • Ultimately, the diet is a preparatory stage for a fundamental change in your lifestyle and nutrition. Proponents of a diet like Keto don’t just follow its principles for a few weeks. This is their daily diet indefinitely. There’s such a huge cut-down on carb intake with a diet like this, it’s important to make sure that you’re balancing your nutrition in other ways, so having the best keto diet supplements to hand is vital. Despite what a lot of people say negatively about this diet, there are definitely pros to it, which is why so many people go for it. If you are serious about adopting this diet and feel that you want some information from sources that have experience with it, then you should give these Ketogenic Supplement Reviews a read.

proper weight loss
Basic rules:

  1. The most proper weight loss is continuous and smooth weight loss – (1 lbs.) – 0.5kg per week. Do not believe the diets that rely on a minimum of calories (800-1000 kcal daily) this amount is not enough for normal life activity of the organism and brings more harm than benefits.
  2. Do not be tempted by exotic diets – our metabolism usually can not cope with these unusual products and is experiencing significant stress. Therefore, the most effective are diets are based on local, usual fruits and vegetables. The products should be delicious – otherwise you will quickly lose the desire to follow the diet.
  3. Beware of strict mono-diets – they can lead to starvation and can cause you a number of health problems. When we don’t eat (or eat very little food) our body can go into starvation mode, which is not good for the body. If you want to lose weight, it’s important to take little steps each day rather than starving yourself.
  4. If you need to lose about three pounds -1.5 kg, put yourself on a diet for one or two weeks.
  5. If you need to lose (10-20 lbs) 5 – 10 kg, the duration of the diet should be 3 – 5 weeks, your menu should have a lot of fiber, lowered (but not excluded) the amount of carbohydrates by having foods like air fryer chicken wings, not denying meat and fish (but in a smaller amount) and you can include this seven drinks for weight loss.
  6. If you need to lose more than 20 pounds – 10 kg, follow the described principles for diet time duration for 5 – 10 kg, but after 1 month pause 1 – 2 weeks, then return to the diet for another month.
    You should not go on a weight loss diet in the following cases: pregnancy, severe illness, anemia, liver disease and the alimentary system (without a doctor’s permission); diabetes mellitus and other endocrine diseases if you have often adhered to restrictive diets in the past.