7 Foods You Shouldn’t Combine With Eggs

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7 Foods you should not be combined with eggs

Every day we “bomb” our stomach not only with that is harmful to our body but also with food products that are considered completely safe and healthy. Healthy natural ingredients can also turn into enemies of our digestion if they are not combined properly. And the whole point is that not all products that we consume every day are “friendly” with each other.
For a balanced meal and proper diet, it is important to know what food is a good combination to create a healthy meal. This especially applies to eggs that can be digested for a long time in the stomach. These nutrition recommendations will help you to correctly combine eggs with other foods.

Incompatible foods when eating with eggs:


  1. Fish
    It is not always good to combine eggs and fish in one dish. You should know that avidin an ingredient contained in a chicken egg, can neutralize vitamin B7 that oily fish contain in big amounts.




  2. Rice
    Here the same features apply as with the fish. To get the most out of the rice meals, it is recommended to eat separately from the eggs.




  3. Potato
    Egg and potato – do not get along well in salads. Potatoes contain minerals that interfere with the absorption of iron and calcium from eggs. Therefore, preparing dishes based on these two ingredients is extremely wrong. Together, these foods are poorly digested and can even disrupt indigestion.




  4. Milk
    Some protein products are incompatible with each other. This applies to milk and eggs since they are both foods that contain proteins. Milk should be consumed separately from any other food so that the valuable substances that milk contains can be absorbed by the body completely.




  5. Cheese
    The organism is much easier to cope with one animal protein at a time. This means that it is undesirable to mix eggs with ham, meat, and cheese. Such a hearty breakfast will give weight in the stomach for the whole day.




  6. Some fruit
    Apples, pears, grapes, plums, apricots, and watermelons are not advised to eat after protein products, including eggs. This can be explained by the difference in the speed of digestion of products. Fruits are digested only 15 minutes after consumption, and eggs are digested much longer. If they are combined imagine what will happen in your stomach!




  7. Butter, cream, mayonnaise
    Eggs and fats are a perfectly acceptable combination, especially if they are animal fats. But it should be noted that fats have the property of slowing down digestion. It is better to eat butter, cream, and mayonnaise with eggs as rarely as possible. To this mix, it is advisable to add greens and vegetables to neutralize the effect of the fats.

If you need to choose between tasty food and health benefits it better to choose the second option. Combine your eggs with broccoli, herbs, and vegetables that do not contain starch. This way you can eat healthier and your stomach will have more benefit from the food you consume.


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