7 Detox Drinks For Weight Loss

7 detox drinks for weight loss

7 Detox Drinks For Weight Loss The quality of the body will be 100 times better if you drink these wonderful drinks! When the body accumulates too much fluid, the swelling appears, like bags under the eyes, thickened ankles, swollen fingers but that is not so bad. It’s terrible when the water is accumulated in […]

Root Vegetables Treasury Of Health

root vegetables

Root vegetables treasury of health Root vegetables are known for its bold and fleshy underground part. Because of its pleasant taste, a number of useful nutrients and medicinal effects, root vegetables should be added in the everyday diet. Although it can be collected and use the whole season, for winter it is best to gather […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Celery, Nutrition Facts And Healthy Food Recipes

Amazing health benefits of celery

Amazing health benefits of celery, nutrition facts and healthy food recipes Celery is a vegetable plant and we consume both roots and leaves. The content of vitamins and minerals is higher in the leaves than in the roots. Celery is a good source of lutein and beta-caroten which have antioxidant properties, which are good protection […]

Food That Has Negative Calories

Food that have negative calories foodformyhealth

Foods with a “negative calorie balance,” of course, do not exist. But, there are foods that are used every day, and that in the process of digestion exhibit the effect of the negative balance in the body. What is, in fact, negative calorie balance? The answer is simple, when food requires that the body consumes […]

Awesome Salad For Thin Waist!


Awesome salad for thin waist! This salad is very beneficial for your health and in the same time helps naturally reduce weight especially the fat deposits around your stomach. It takes very little time to prepare with few healthy ingredients and it is so easy everyone can do it. This mix is full of fiber […]

Healthy Fruity Smoothie Drink Recipe

Healthy smoothie

Healthy Fruity Smoothie Drink Recipe Healthy fruity smoothie recipes start the day in the nutritious way – full of vitamins and low in fat. Ingredients: Half of celery 3-4 tangerines 1 lemon 1 apple 1 pear a little ginger 2 tablespoons of olive oil Preparation: Peel the celery and wash the fruit. Chop all ingredients […]