Start Your Day With Bee Pollen Healthy Energy Drink

bee pollen energy drink

Start your day with bee pollen healthy energy drink Bee pollen is a treasure trove of nutrients, including amino acids, B vitamins, minerals, proteins, carbohydrates, and lipids. A working bee needs a whole month to collect only one tablespoon of pollen. So why are we using this special bee product? What is bee pollen special? […]

What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Water?


What are the benefits of coconut water? Coconut water is a low-calorie drink that refreshes on hot summer days, but lately, it has become extremely popular because of the many benefits to health. Since it contains natural fats that prevent bad cholesterol and it has four times more potassium than bananas, this drink will surely […]

Four Apple Smoothie Delights Recipes

Apple smoothie delight recipers

Four apple smoothie delights recipes Apple is the queen of fruits, delicious and medicinal. Apple belongs to the rose family, and the cultivated apple tree originates from southern Siberia, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe, from where it spread throughout the world. Today is the most cultivated tree in the world. One apple is like a […]

Kefir The Miraculous Probiotic Milk-Health Benefits And Recipes

Kefir the miraculous probiotic milk

Kefir the miraculous probiotic milk-health benefits and recipes Experts say that natural sugars of this medicinal beverage facilitate glycol regulation and relieve many problems that people with diabetes are struggling. This is reason enough to try this miraculous milk. Kefir for centuries was a traditional drink for inhabitants of the Caucasus, known for their vitality […]

Four Exotic Mango Smoothie Recipes

Exotic Mango Smoothie Recipes

Four Exotic Mango Smoothie Recipes   Mango is a fantastic tropical fruit, with very characteristic taste of citrus fruit – sweet, slightly citrus, when it is ripe the taste reminds of peach, with a touch of coconut flavor. But other than sweetness and excellent taste, this fruit is very healthy. Mango is rich in vitamins […]

Amazing Health Benefits of Celery, Nutrition Facts And Healthy Food Recipes

Amazing health benefits of celery

Amazing health benefits of celery, nutrition facts and healthy food recipes Celery is a vegetable plant and we consume both roots and leaves. The content of vitamins and minerals is higher in the leaves than in the roots. Celery is a good source of lutein and beta-caroten which have antioxidant properties, which are good protection […]

3 Refreshing Fruity Smoothie Drink Recipes

refreshing fruity smoothie recipe

Refreshing Fruity Smoothie Recipes Fruit and fruit products are recommended not only for dessert but also as part of a meal, or even as a full meal. Fruit has a very high biological value because it contains: vitamins, minerals, trace elements, essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, vegetable fats, carbohydrates, beta-carotene, antioxidants, essential oils, aromatic ingredients, […]

Four Drinks For Healthy Weight Loss and Flat Stomach

for best drinks for weight loss

Four drinks for healthy weight loss and flat stomach If you want to lose weight, you should begin to pay attention to a lot of things – especially what you drink. Sodas and instant coffee contain too much sugar and calories and will slow down the weight loss process. Juices, smoothies and other beverages are […]

Banana Smoothie Recipes

banana smoothie foodformyhealth

Banana Smoothie Recipes If you’ve ever made a smoothie, chances are that one of the ingredients was banana.Because of its nutritional properties, banana is a very good choice for smoothie preparation: average banana, about (100 grams or 3.5 oz) has 89 k cal. Bananas contain 74% water, 1% protein, 0.5% fat, 13.5% sugar, 23% of […]

Beautiful Winter Smoothie Recipes

winter smoothie

Beautiful Winter Smoothie Recipes   The advantage of the modern world is that even in the middle of winter we can get various fresh fruits and vegetables and exploit their nutritional values. Combined with some spices, which are not only used for enriching the taste, they are real health boosters. There are spices that keep […]