What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Water?


What are the benefits of coconut water?

Coconut water is a low-calorie drink that refreshes on hot summer days, but lately, it has become extremely popular because of the many benefits to health. Since it contains natural fats that prevent bad cholesterol and it has four times more potassium than bananas, this drink will surely attract your attention. Despite the naturally sweet taste, coconut water is the ideal drink for diabetics, is consumed in fresh form and does not contain artificial sweeteners, or preservatives.

Coconut water composition

If you are thirsty, a glass of coconut water is a real salvation for your body, with a beautiful sweet and distinctive flavor. Coconut water is a drink made from young and green coconut flour. It contains carbohydrates that are easily digested, and therefore coconut water a great choice for those who are physically active. It is a driving force for the muscles and therefore is recommended as a perfect sports drink.
Coconut water contains very low calories values, in one glass can be found only 50 kcal. In one glass of this healthy beverage are 1.3 grams of sugar and 105 mg of sodium. However, what is the great advantage of this drink is that it contains 290 mg of potassium. One a glass of coconut water is equivalent to the amount of four bananas.
Coconut water should not be confused with coconut milk. The coconut milk is part of the coconut fruit and has extremely high calorific value and high content of saturated fat. At the same time, coconut water is low in calories, low in fat and high in potassium. By comparison, coconut milk has 10 times more calories than coconut water.


Benefits of coconut water

  • Coconut water stimulates circulation and protects the blood vessels, regular intake of this drink, along with other preventive measures, it could slow down the development of complications caused by impaired blood flow, as well as some neurological problems like impaired vision and aggravated renal function.
  • Despite the small number of calories, coconut water creates a feeling of satiety, which can help prevent overeating. Therefore it is of great help and obese diabetics who carry out reduction diet.
  • Coconut water speeds up metabolism, which promotes the burning of fat and sugar in the body.
  • In addition to its high content of important nutrients, coconut water is also rich in omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Both types of materials are of essential importance for the maintenance of a stable blood sugar level and ideal body weight.
  • This drink is rich in dietary fiber, which has a positive effect on digestion. It also has a beneficial effect on the urinary system.
  • The coconut water strengthens the immune system and helps in the process of cleansing the body from various bacteria.
  • Imbalance level of electrolytes most often cause hypertension, and coconut water can assist in balancing this levels and in that way can help in the regulation of blood pressure.

How to make coconut water

Coconut drink
Coconut drink


If you want to know how to make coconut water, here are some recipes tips.

Recipe No. 1

  1. 4 cups (1 liter) of water
  2. 1 cup (250 grams) of coconut flour

To make this drink, it takes only ten minutes. Warm the water in the pot (not boiled). Remove it from the heat and then pour it into a blender, put the coconut flour and mix at highest speed until the mixture becomes creamy. After that, squeeze it through a strainer and gauze in a glass bottle. If you want to enrich the flavor, you can add vanilla extract or cocoa, if desired. Keep the bottle in the fridge. Prepared coconut water can be drunk over the next 3-4 days. Since it does not contain a preservative, on top a layer of fat may occur. Therefore, before each use shake the bottle well.
Recipe No. 2
There is another way how to make this drink. It is more difficult and more characteristic in the areas where these plants grow. If you are able to buy coconut fruit you need to get the nuts that are green or immature. Avoid those that are brownish in color, as well as fruit that are damaged or have stains on the bark.
All you have to do is to cut off the upper part of the fruit (the cap). Since the bark is thick, be careful to avoid any injury. After that, with the knife just scoop out a hole towards the inside and remove the ”cap”.  Prepare a glass and just pour the coconut water from the fruit in it, through a strainer and the drink is ready. Of course, you can always combine with some other drinks according to your preference and choice, a perfect match is an exotic plant such as pineapple and mango.
Drink in limited quantities
Coconut water is safe for everyone, including people with diabetes, due to the high nutritional value and low content of natural sugar, but over-consumption can be harmful to human health. The maximum you can drink in a quantity of 1 cup (250 ml.) twice a day. It is always best to take coconut water in its natural form, without the addition of any other ingredients.