10 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricots

10 Amazing Health Benefits of apricots

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Apricot Apricot is fruit that give sparkle and beauty to your eyes and is famous as one of the most known traveled trees. Its center of origin is China from where apricot tree spreads to India and in Europe was brought by Alexander the Great on the return from his […]

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Peaches

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Peaches

10 Amazing Health Benefits of Peaches Description: The peach is the fruit of the peach tree (‘Prunus persica’ [L] Batsch.), a tree of the botanical family Rosaceae. The fruit is a typical drupe: fleshy pulp with a hard stone in the center. Habitat: Peaches are raised in temperate regions in Southern Europe, the Americas, and […]

Why Is Avocado Called The Perfect Food?

avocado the perfect food

Why is avocado called the perfect food? Did you know that avocado is called a perfect food product? Nutritionists say that it contains all the ingredients necessary that people need in their everyday diet. It was also discovered that contributes to the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, heart disease, diabetes and other diseases. Avocado (Persea […]

Peach Delicious Fruit With Many Healthy Benefits


Peach delicious fruit with many healthy benefits It is known that fruits and vegetables reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and the greatest role for these preventions has the antioxidants which are largely present in peaches and nectarines. Peach contains 10 vitamins. It is rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, and a vitamin E and […]

Japanese Persimmon – Vitamin Bomb That Survived Nuclear Blast!

japanese persimmon

Japanese Persimmon- Vitamin Bomb That Survived Nuclear Blast!   Persimmon is a very interesting, delicious and medicinal fruit. It features a light yellow-orange to dark red-orange color depending on the species and variety, smooth tiny and shiny shell and a distinctive sweet taste. One interesting fact regarding the Japanese persimmon-Kaki. Kaki tree is also called […]

Pie With Vanilla Pudding and Plums Recipe

plum cake

Pie With Vanilla Pudding and Plums Recipe   Fragile base, velvety cream and delicious fruit … yes, this is a pie that is easy to make and you will not forget the taste. Ingredients: Butter and flour for the baking tray For the filling 1 bag of vanilla pudding (40 grams or 1.4 oz) sugar […]

Smooth, Creamy, Crunchy, and Juicy Cheesecake With White Chocolate Recipe


Cheesecake With White Chocolate This dessert is also smooth, creamy, crunchy and juicy and is ideal for holiday dinners and special occasions. With addition of fruit becomes fresh and gorgeous. Ingredients 200 (grams or 7 oz) grind biscuits 85 (grams or 3 oz) butter 450 grams or 1 lbs white chocolate 280 (ml or 6.8 […]

Brazilian Cuisine – History Over The Plates


Brazilian food and culture can be best understood as a combination of native Indian, Portuguese, and African flavors.   Due to the leading roles these groups have played in the country’s history: In the early 1500s the Portuguese arrived in this lush land have found a large indigenous population composed of an estimated 2,000 individual […]

Why Should We Drink Freshly Squeezed Juices?

vegetable juices foodformyhealth.om

Why should we drink freshly squeezed juices? Freshly pressed juices give strength, power and energy as it is an excellent combination of physical strength, optimal health and concentration of mind. No other food contains so many different minerals as fruits and vegetables. Squeezed juices purify the blood, bringing refreshing new substances; the body is rejuvenated […]

Smoothie Healthy and Refreshing Breakfast in a Glass


Smoothie Healthy and Refreshing Breakfast in a Glass Smoothie – breakfast in a glass  Smoothie is healthy and refreshing drink made from fruit and vegetables, in addition to other ingredients such as water, dairy products, ice etc. These drinks are ideal for the upcoming winter season, when our body needs to fight viruses and defend […]