Smoothie Healthy and Refreshing Breakfast in a Glass


Smoothie Healthy and Refreshing Breakfast in a Glass

Smoothie – breakfast in a glass 

Smoothie is healthy and refreshing drink made from fruit and vegetables, in addition to other ingredients such as water, dairy products, ice etc. These drinks are ideal for the upcoming winter season, when our body needs to fight viruses and defend the system from colds and flu.

In addition to being extremely nutritious, these drinks provides the body with the necessary energy, they are practical, fast and complete breakfast in a glass. The health of a smoothie depends on its ingredients. Many smoothies include large servings of fruits and vegetables which are recommended in a healthful diet.

Smoothies are not an American invention, they go back centuries to different cultures around the world. The actual term ‘smoothie’ was in use in recipes and trademarks by the mid-1930s in the US, with the invention and use of both blenders and refrigerators; however by the late 60s they gained its popularity. At that time were made only from fruit, fruit juice and ice, no other accessories. In the 80s, due to the popularization of fitness and sports and general healthy lifestyle the smoothie`s begins to be sold in specialized bars exclusively for these drinks. Since 2000 smoothie`s bars become a multi million-dollar industry that is today.

This drink is easy to make, it is important just to have a mixer or blender. First you need to chop into small pieces vegetables and fruits you will use .The container in which to mix the ingredients should never be filled more than two thirds. To achieve the density a frozen food should be used. Smoothie has to be consumed fresh immediately after preparation. The fact is that the freshly prepared smoothie in contact with oxygen loses its nutrients very quickly.

Spices also have an important role because they provide better flavor, commonly added spices are cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, pepper, fresh mint and so on or other nutritional ingredients like flax, almonds, peanuts and tree nuts Indian.
Excellent smoothie for you to prepare is a combination of beetroot, carrot, cucumber, apple and lime or a if you like little hot try a combination of tomatoes, apples, carrots and celery, mixed with a little Tabasco salt and chili powder.
Although reminiscent of frappe, the main difference between them is that frappe is mixed with milk, ice cream and various flavors, while on the other hand in smoothie ice cream is exempted,and fresh fruit and sugar is added.