Kefir The Miraculous Probiotic Milk-Health Benefits And Recipes

Kefir the miraculous probiotic milk

Kefir the miraculous probiotic milk-health benefits and recipes Experts say that natural sugars of this medicinal beverage facilitate glycol regulation and relieve many problems that people with diabetes are struggling. This is reason enough to try this miraculous milk. Kefir for centuries was a traditional drink for inhabitants of the Caucasus, known for their vitality […]

3 Detox Blackberry Juice Recipes For Healthy Body


3 Detox Blackberry Juice Recipes For Healthy Body Blackberries are several types of wild plants from the family of roses that bloom from June to August. This perennial thorny shrub grows naturally along forest edges where it reaches a height of 3 meters, and it can be easily grown and home, preferably with a fence. […]

6 – Most Active Bee Products


People since ancient times used to obtain direct and indirect benefits of all bee products. Bees do not give us only a very healthy honey, but several other medicinal products. Check out all of them! Honey Bee honey is a high quality human food, which has medicinal properties. Honey is a sweet, aromatic, thick liquid […]

Essential Healthy Food That Will Prevent Food Cravings

healthy burger

Essential healthy food that will prevent food cravings Eat a croissant or a small serving of fries with diet soda and you will feel hungry after a while, even though your calorie intake was considerably high. The reason is simple – certain foods stimulate appetite and make us want to eat more. Knowing which foods […]

Food That Has Negative Calories

Food that have negative calories foodformyhealth

Foods with a “negative calorie balance,” of course, do not exist. But, there are foods that are used every day, and that in the process of digestion exhibit the effect of the negative balance in the body. What is, in fact, negative calorie balance? The answer is simple, when food requires that the body consumes […]

Lemon Water Recovers Your Body


Lemon water recovers your body  Dehydration can cause fatigue and decline in immunity, which can lead to constipation, high blood pressure and insomnia. Also, water cleanses the body of toxins, stimulates the kidneys and produces enzymes essential for the normal functioning of the liver. It is commonly recommended to drink eight glasses of water per […]

Green Beans Perfect For Diabetics

Green Beans

Green Beans Perfect For Diabetics Green beans are very nutritious vegetables from the genus of legumes. Originally from Mexico, but is used in food in almost all countries of the world. Green beans Have low calorie value, and are more similar to the composition of vegetables than beans. This legume is used fresh, frozen, dried […]

9 Facts About This Amazing Grain

Oat breakfast

9 Facts about this amazing grain. Oats contain a variety of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and fiber, when consumed daily, can contribute to the prevention of numerous diseases therefore, oatmeal is one of the first recommendations for a daily healthy breakfast. It gives energy. Oats are a good source of complex carbohydrates that can provide us […]