Green Beans Perfect For Diabetics

Green beans are very nutritious vegetables from the genus of legumes. Originally from Mexico, but is used in food in almost all countries of the world.

Green beans

Have low calorie value, and are more similar to the composition of vegetables than beans. This legume is used fresh, frozen, dried or canned. It is prepared as a main dish without meat, but also with various kinds of meat or with mushrooms, almonds, hazelnuts. It can be boiled and used as an addition to salads.

Green beans must be cooked, since fresh green beans has harmful ingredients. It is recommended as ideal food for people on dietary regime and also pregnant women.

The green bean contains folic acid and vitamin B, which are two basic components necessary for DNA synthesis and cell division. If you are in the period of conception or you are pregnant, green beans are what you should eat every day. Regular intake of folic acid and vitamin B complex during pregnancy prevents fetal deformities.

Although it regulates blood sugar levels, this vegetable also keep your eyesight and bones healthy.
Besides containing powerful antioxidants such as vitamin C and beta-carotene, it also contains manganese, which is important for various chemical processes in the body, including the degradation of cholesterol, carbohydrates and proteins.

Thanks to these nutrients, the green beans posses a unique anti-inflammatory properties like prevention of type 2 diabetes a disease accompanied by chronic inflammatory processes. This legume contains chlorophyll, which together with the antioxidant nutrients acts in cancer prevention. The chlorophyll can block the cancerous effect of heterocyclic amines, which occur when cooking meat at high temperature and activate malignant cells.

Due to the large amount of potassium, green beans is known as a good diuretic and regulator of blood pressure, so acts beneficial to cardiovascular pressure and stimulates the excretion of waste products from the body. It should be frequently eaten raw or briefly cooked, because high temperatures destroy nutrients, especially vitamins that are necessary to perform the important functions of the body.