Olive Oil Universal Health Protector

Olive oil universal health protector

Olive oil – universal health protector The value of olive oil is widely known for centuries, but not until the last decade has been scientifically validated. It is rich in essential substances, which is ranked in the top ten of the healthiest foods. Olive oil has the greatest impact on the health of the heart […]

What Are The Health Benefits Of The Miraculous Mushroom Cordyceps SINENSIS?

gambar cordyceps liar

What are the health benefits of the miraculous mushroom Cordyceps SINENSIS? Cordyceps Sinensis a rare fungus used as a medicine in old Chinese and Tibetan medicine.The fungus represents a combination of the caterpillar and a fungus and grows at an altitude of 5000 m (16400ft). This rare fungus, once available only in the courts of […]

Incredible Healing Power Of The Seeds

Incredible healing power of the seeds

Incredible healing power of the seeds These beneficial seeds contain ingredients that facilitate glycol-regulation, promote bowel movements, lower pressure, protect blood vessels and nervous system, and are ideal addition for meals. Seeds are useful can be consumed by diabetics, obese persons and patients with high blood pressure. It is established that are ideal as a […]

5 Foods That Help Reduce The Risk Of Breast Cancer

5 foods that help reduce the risk of breast cancer

5 Foods that help reduce the risk of breast cancer Some scientists believe that, if you include certain foods in your everyday diet, can significantly reduce the risk of breast cancer. They have already discovered that natural remedies like CBD oil can aid in reducing the tumors growth time as well as giving the patient […]

Lemongrass Health Benefits


Lemongrass health benefits Lemongrass is a perennial plant with a thin, long leaves, originating from India but has spread in other areas of Asia, including Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It is also common in Ceylon, Central America, China, Guatemala, India, Java, Madagascar, Sri Lanka, the West Indian Islands and Zambia. There are more […]

Hibiscus Beautiful Tropical Plant With Many Healing Properties!

Hibiscus beautiful tropical plant

Hibiscus-beautiful tropical plant with many healing properties! Hibiscus, a plant recognizable by the large incredible flowers and it is known though history by the many healing properties. Hibiscus belongs to a family of marshmallows – Malvaceae, from the tropical regions of Central Africa, South Asia, and Central America. The hibiscus plant is known by many […]

Foods Types That Help Regenerate Cartilage

Foods types that help regenerate cartilage

Foods types that help regenerate cartilage Cartilage is like a layer that protects the bones when the joints are moving. Cartilage regeneration can be a very difficult process and can be mainly restored with the type of food we eat and a healthy diet plan. Recent studies have shown that eating products rich in certain […]

Lavender Plant Benefits Uses And Side Effects

Lavender plant

Lavender plant beneficial effects, uses and side effects! Lavender – aromatic, fragrant plant with beautiful purple flowers widely used in aromatherapy. Lavender is a plant with bright purple flowers and mild, pleasant scent. It is a versatile, wide known plant known for its calming effects. While lavender oil widely used in aromatherapy, drinking lavender tea […]

Incredible Health Benefits of Cinnamon. One of Our Favorite Spices!

Incredible health benefits of cinnamon one of our favorite spices

Incredible health benefits of cinnamon. One of our favorite spices!   Cinnamon is a spice present in every kitchen, because, without cinnamon we cannot imagine the classic desserts such as apple pie, gingerbread and mulled wine, and many more. The intoxicating scent of cinnamon is also characterized by numerous healing effects. It has in fact […]

Why Garlic Is Called The Natural Antibiotic?

Why Garlic Is Called The Natural Antibiotic

Why garlic is called the natural antibiotic? Garlic (garlic, lat. – Allium sativum) is a plant very strong and acrid taste, which is known for its world-class culinary properties and has long been acclaimed as a very powerful natural remedy. The main ingredient of garlic is allicin, which has amazing antibacterial, antiviral, anti-fungal and antioxidant […]