Linden A Natural Soothing Remedy

Linden tea

Linden a natural soothing remedy

Linden is a deciduous tree with broad crown, high up to 25 meters and usually flowers in June. For a long time, Linden was used as a remedy for many health problems. According to the legend, the rays of the sun are in blossom of the Linden, and therefore after drinking Linden tea the heat of the sun enters into the body. Linden is considered to be the best stress fighter.

How should Linden be picked and kept?

Linden should be harvested as soon as it starts to blossom. Blossomed Linden flower has no value. Of course, it should be picked when the weather is good. The flower has a mild and pleasant scent. It is best to dry flowers in the attic, where it is dry, but it is important to have brightness too.

The effects of Linden

It is used against colds, flu, problems with the lungs and breathing, fever, cough mitigation, spasms, and it is also used as a tranquilizer. Teas are the best natural remedies that have an everyday use. Linden is also used in cosmetics. Since ancient times, Linden flowers are used to relax the nervous system. Consuming is not limited, and children can drink the tea also. Linden tea affects the sweat, and it is recommended in decreasing the body temperature.

Coffee or Linden tea?

Coffee is consumed every day. If you drink a lot of coffee during the day, try to replace coffee with Linden and you will feel the difference. It’s not healthy to drink a large amount of coffee, especially if you do not have enough fluids in the body. Do not forget that every day when you get up from bed drink a glass of water.

How to prepare Linden tea?

Pour a cup of boiling water over one to two tablespoons of dried Linden flowers and allow to stand 5-10 minutes, after straining the tea and drink the cup. People, who regularly drink Linden tea mixed with a tablespoon of honey, should not be afraid of pneumonia or flu.
Wait until June when it will flourish again, and then save your stocks for the winter. The only side effect of the tea is that its excessive drinking can lead to heart problems. You can drink the tea every day, but not in quantities such as drinking water. Feel free to substitute a cup of coffee with a cup of Linden tea.
Stress is an everyday occurrence, but if you want you can add Linden tea in your bath, it can make you relax. It is known that women during menopause drink Linden tea from because it reduces anxiety and improves sleep.
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