5 Food Types That Should Be Avoid When Trying to Stay Healthy!

The cause of the increased nervousness and aggression can also come from the following foods! What types of foods are most often responsible for the increased aggressiveness?

1. Unhealthy fats


Research shows that consumption of trans-fats interferes with lipid metabolism in the brain, leading to aggressive behavior. More specifically, trans-fats interfere with the metabolism of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, trans-fats cause inflammation in the body that does not contribute to a good mood. The unhealthy fats are most often found in bakery products and industrially processed foods.

2. Coffee


When you drink too much coffee (the amount varies from person to person, since everyone has a different tolerance to caffeine), it can cause rapid heartbeat, high pressure, and stress levels, because caffeine blocks calming adenosine receptors, allowing other, more active and energetic neurotransmitters that increase your energy. So enjoy your coffee but in small amounts.

3. Carbohydrate


Excessive intake of carbohydrates is not good, but too few carbohydrates can adversely affect moods. Pay attention to your energy level. If you are on a diet with reduced carbohydrate and feel sluggish and out of sorts, the body indicates that you are not eating proper nutrients.

4. Sugar


Too much sugar is not good for the mood. Increased levels of insulin directly affect the mood. Regulating blood sugar by avoiding excessive intake of sugar and eating foods rich in protein, fat and fiber, can help in reducing the aggressiveness that you feel when you intake too much sugar.

5. Artificial sweeteners

Side effects of artificial sweeteners in some people are reflected in the mood like anger and aggression. The mechanism leading to it is not quite clear, so selecting natural sweeteners instead of the artificial replacement is always better.
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