5 Unexpected Things That Can Harm Your Skin

5 Unexpected things that can harm your skin

5 Unexpected things that can harm your skin

Well, you probably don`t see this as a potential danger to your skin but these are 5 unexpected things that can harm your skin. Did you know that skin is the biggest organ in our body? Yes, it is an organ and there are a number of things that we do every day that harms our skin and we are even not aware of that. What about the risks to our skin on a daily basis? With the help of a dermatologist, we selected potential “enemies” of your skin that probably never even thought about.

1. Anti-inflammatory skin creams

When you get skin inflammation, most dermatologists will prescribe creams that will calm your skin and rehydrate. But these creams should be used only until the inflammation or the allergies withdraw. With continuous use of these creams and after the prescribed time, you will find yourself in a situation that your skin gets thinner, pale, and more wrinkled. If this happens, it might be worth revisiting somewhere like the upper east side practice of Dr. Neal Schultz to see if they can reverse the effects of using creams for longer than you were supposed to. Luckily, dermatologists are extremely knowledgable and should be able to offer treatments if your skin is now wrinkled and dull. You might even want to consider Botox or cosmetic surgery too. Be sure to find a good dermatologist, like those at The Devonshire Clinic that can offer multiple treatments. By listening to dermatologists, you can expect your skin to improve over time.

2. Milk

Who knew milk could irritate your skin? Although there is insufficient evidence that milk is the one responsible for face pimples, some studies have shown that the skin is cleaner and more elastic after they stop drinking milk. If it turns out that this is your case, it is necessary to take vitamin D and calcium through other foods.

3. Skinny jeans

Well, we all love to wear jeans, especially tight ones, but how many times those tight jeans have made your skin red around the waist? And you should be careful about that, the nickel in the buttons or zippers can cause an allergy if it presses the skin continuously.

4. Pets

You have a rash on the skin, and you have no idea from where or why? When was the last time you were playing with your dog or cat? Be sure to visit the veterinarian or a doctor, because it is possible that your pet can easily irritate your skin especially if it is sensitive and can cause even severe allergies. They may put you on a course of antibiotics or allergy tablets if it is severe. There are other alternatives so you don’t have to re-home your pet. For example, you can look to find the best pet carpet cleaner and see if using that in your home helps alleviate your symptoms or possibly stop them completely. You could also try an air purifier. These can remove pet hair and dander from in the air, which means less of it settling on furniture and things in your home and consequently less on our skin. This list of the best air purifiers for dog owners is worth a read if you have pets and think that might be causing harm to your skin.

5. Lime

Spring and summer are the perfect times for cocktails. You probably like to drink cocktails mixed with lime or simply drink lime juice. But if you decide to squeeze the lime make sure to wash your hands after, because the juice from the lime in combination with the sun’s rays can cause phytophotodermatitis, type of allergy that can take up to several weeks to heal.

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