12 Powerful foods that should be consumed

Certain foods really deserve constant reference and promotion in the world of fitness and a healthy diet and often consuming, especially if you need more power or want to maintain your figure. If perhaps you do not see progress due to changes in lifestyle when it comes to nutrition and physical activity, it is possible that a higher intake of some of these ‘super’ foods will help you. It’s not about some overly exotic and inaccessible food, but about very common food that should be given importance and try to implement in your daily meals. What’s great is that all these foods are delicious.

Read and learn about these 12 foods and choose how and when you include them in your diet.

Oat flakes – They supply us with the energy, however, will not run out of energy while running a scheduled laps or bow before the unhealthy snacks between breakfast and lunch.

Raisins – Use this delicious food product during longer training in order to get extra energy or use it as snacks, alone or with the above-mentioned flakes.

Banana – Very effective sports drink because it is rich in potassium, most people tolerate bananas well since it contains complex carbohydrates, which the body uses them to slowly release energy.

Ginger – Fight with dizziness and reduces muscle pain up to 20%. It can be put in water with lemon, cucumber, and mint to give a healthy, refreshing beverage for ‘cleansing’ the body and accelerate metabolism.

Cherries – Neutralizes free radicals and thereby contribute to faster recovery from physical activity.

Turmeric – It gives curry the yellow color and behaves like ibuprofen for the pain in the joints.

Eggs – A rich source of amino acids leucine (such as the whey), help recover and builds muscles, and are good to consume after a workout.

Whey as a source of protein – Primary choice foods for strong abs and toning the gluteus.

Salmon or tuna – Proteins from these foods strengthens the muscles.

Pistachio – Hunger after training restraint with this food without the worry of piling up the calories.

Beetroot – Will help you achieve more with less effort during training, but we also know of the positive impact of the beetroot on the blood count. Include the beetroot in your shakes.

Coconut oil – You can include it in your daily diet in many ways, and its benefits are inevitable. Use cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, which can be purchased in health food stores.

Aren`t this foods cool and easy to combine and consume? Always keep them at home! Studies have shown that make you stronger, speed up your metabolism, burn fat – even reduce the inflammation of muscles. Be prepared, strong, full and healthy!

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