5 Ways How Food Affects Our Mood

5 ways how food affects our mood

5 Ways how food affects our mood

As your mood sometimes dictates what foods you choose to eat, it the same way the food you eat can affect your mood. For example – a meal that you eat for lunch can affect your mood during the afternoon.

Food for blood sugar levels

Fluctuations in the level of sugar in many ways can influence mood. Low blood sugar can cause discontent, and high sugar can contribute to making you feel better. For the mood to be stable, the blood sugar should also be stable. That means food with little-added sugar, combined with plenty of protein, fat, and fiber can help you feel better.

Food for neurotransmitters

It is no coincidence why chocolate is a favorite food around the world – it is rich in serotonin, a chemical of happiness. Many other foods also contain neurotransmitters, such as dopamine and tryptophan like spinach, seeds, avocados … Although the amount of these transmitters in the food is not on the extremely significant level, various foods that encourage good mood certainly can help. Some foods stimulate the secretion of endorphins, which is also known for raising mood.

Food as allergens

Symptoms such as bloating, acne, inertia and so on can undermine the best mood. It is possible that you are sensitive to certain types of food, and you do not know that. Pay attention to your diet and common allergens such as gluten, dairy products, eggs, nuts, etc. Avoid them for two weeks, and monitor the situation. If the situation has improved, it means that you are sensitive to some of them.

Food with lack of nutrients

The body records low intake of vitamins and minerals. And it can lead to changes in mood. B complex vitamins, omega-3 fatty acid, folate, and magnesium, among other things, are important factors of good mood and balanced mind. If you suffer from a lack of some of them, you cannot function well, which can affect mood. A good selection of supplements, of course in consultation with the doctor, can help you solve this problem.

Probiotic food

The connection between the brain and the intestines is indisputable. Studies have shown that probiotics can help maintain normal intestinal flora and therefore maintain a good mood by helping to chemicals from the food reach the brain.

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