Israeli Cuisine The Mosaic of Flavors, Tastes and Colors


Israeli cuisine is one of those that you have to remember because satisfies all the senses. In Israeli cuisine can be found tastes of ancient and modern cultures and civilizations, east and west, north and south. Its diversity, richness and attractiveness represents a mixture of food habits from many cultures where the Israelis used to […]

Healthy Cooking Tips for Vegetables and Meat

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Healthy cooking does not always means investing in expensive cookware or having special cooking skills. Using healthy-cooking techniques, you can cut fat and calories. You can prepare and cook meals at home and have control over the nutritional content of your food. Vegetables and meat are the two most sensitive cooking groups that need special […]

Cabbage Stew With Meat

Cabbage stew with meat

This is a simple recipe – stewed fresh cabbage with meat of your choice. Ingredients: 1 small fresh cabbage 500 grams or (1.1 lbs.) of  beef or pork meat 1 chopped onion 2 sliced carrots 2 fresh tomatoes or a glass of tomato juice water a little garlic salt, pepper, cayenne pepper fresh parsley Preparation: […]