The Ultimate Guide to Workout Nutrition


The ultimate guide to workout nutrition The most nutritious meals should be in the morning, as in this way we provide the body with enough energy trough the day. The last meal before bedtime should be primarily protein, as the body prepares for rest and the energy consumption is greatly reduced. The morning begins with […]

Why Is Millet Healthy?


Why is millet healthy? It’s a grain that naturally does not contain gluten. It is rich in proteins, vegetable fibers, magnesium and other nutrients, and in general, it is very healthy. Here’s why: It’s extremely nutritious. Millet is a good source of protein, vegetable fiber, vitamin B group, manganese, copper, phosphorus, and magnesium. Of all […]

What To Eat Before Training?


What to eat before training? We all know that the only way to look fit is by practicing regular physical activity. But for all our efforts and hard work that we put in to have maximum effect, it is important to get proper nutrition and get plenty of fluids. In this way, we will only […]

10 Important Fitness Rules For People With Diabetes

10 important fitness rules for people with diabetes

10 Important fitness rules for people with diabetes Regular recreation is one of the most important things for good control of diabetes. But before you start exercising, it is very important to take all measures to protect your health. Pay attention to the warning signals that your body sends. 1. Seek medical advice If you […]