6 Lemon Health Benefits. What Is The Difference Between Organic and Everyday Market Lemons?

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Why are organic lemons better?

Today it is difficult to find lemons without the use of pesticides and fungicides, as well as one that are not waxed, so the best thing is to grow your own lemons. Only fresh and organically grown lemons are the best and their nutritional values remain unchanged.

Tip: When you buy lemons at the market to clean them properly of all that pesticides make a solution of 1: 4 white vinegar and water. Soak for half an hour and rinse with water. Vinegar can neutralize most of the bacteria and pesticides that are on fruits.

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Lemon tree beautiful terrace accessory

Cultivate lemons on the balcony or in the garden in warmer parts where temperature does not drop below zero. The plant can grow up to six meters, however in the pot reaches a maximum of two meters. Lemons are fairly easy sensitive to wind, drought and cold so during the cold winters keep it inside. Lemons correspond well with drained soil texture and the soil must be constantly moist (but not too much). Every two years, the plant must be placed in a larger pot. Due to the lack of brightness plant can discard the leaves, so her bare branches need to be cut to grow new in spring time. The lemons can be kept for about ten days at room temperature, but to preserve the vitamins it is necessary to put it in the fridge.

If you want to find out lemons most interesting com­ponents from a dietary and therapeutic standpoint read more about Lemon nutrition facts and health benefits.

Lemon benefits:

Juice of this fruit helps in the process of digestion, because it stimulates saliva cleansing, stimulates the secretion of bile and gastric acid, regulates the bowels and accelerates the expulsion of harmful substances from the body.

  • Against constipation
    Glass of hot water with lemon in the morning act preventively against constipation, which is caused by small intake amount of fiber in the diet. In the case of mild forms of constipation, lemon stimulates the bowl movement, and protects the intestinal flora.
  • Boosts immune system
    Thanks to vitamin C (or ascorbic acid) – Lemon is a valuable product when it comes of protecting the immune system. Acting as disinfectant, lemon fights viruses and bacteria, it interferes with virus reproduction and spread of infections.
  • Disinfects the throat, lungs and bronchi
    Teaspoon of honey with lemon juice is an excellent remedy for seasonal illnesses and colds that affects the respiratory tract.
  • Heals headaches
    Squeeze a slice of lemon in a cup of coffee. This “medicine” has a beneficial effect on headaches, shrinks the blood vessels and thus eliminates the headache.
  • Eliminates the bacteria in the mouth
    Squeeze half a lemon juice in a glass, pour warm water and add a drop of tea tree oil. Stir thoroughly and rinse your mouth’s right after brushing your teeth.
  • … And on the feet
    to eliminate the fungus on the feet, wash your feet and dry well, then rub the infected places with pure lemon juice.water foodformyhealth.com
  • Lemon water recovers your body read facts that speak in favor of it.

  • Note: Lemon should not be used in the active gastritis and in gastric reflux.