How To Speed Up Metabolism And LOSE WEIGHT?

How to speed up meatbolism and lose weight
How to speed up meatbolism and lose weight

How to speed up metabolism and lose weight?

Metabolism is a process where the body converts calories from food into energy. Therefore, it is very important how many calories you enter into your body, because if you enter more calories than your body can burn – you can get weight. Also, it does not mean that skinny people have faster metabolism, and obese slower – is not always so. Metabolism depends on several factors: genetic predisposition, gender, age, activity of the thyroid gland, stress, diet, physical activity, muscle mass. Metabolism consists of anabolism, a process in which energy is used for the make new cells and tissues and of catabolism, energy storage in the form of fat in the body.
Metabolism, the consumption of calories, consists of three basic components:
Basal metabolism (basic needs for calories to maintain basic life functions)
Digestion of food (calorie consumption for the process of digestion and absorption of food)
physical activity (calories consumption when you are physically active).

So, how to speed up metabolism?

  1. Choose proteins
    Proteins are the building blocks of muscle tissue, and the more muscle you have the faster you burn calories.
  2. Reduce Stress
    It is impossible today to live without worries and stress. The constant anxiety makes the body to produce high level of stress hormones and this is the reason why the body stores fat, sending them into the belly, which negatively affects vital organs, but also your health and confidence. Yoga can reduce stress, sending signals to the brain to reduce the production of cortisol (the hormone responsible for storing fat). There are also many other ways to combat stress.
  3. Be Cardio fan
    45 minutes of cardio exercise will speed up your metabolism by 37 percent in the next 14 hours. During exercise, you burn extra calories, and after exercise, you continue to burn calories. If you want to see how many calories you burn during your workout, then have you considered getting a Fitbit? This can help you keep track of your progress and can help motivate you to do better. You can read more about getting a Fitbit here at Mobile Mob! Exercise comes in many different forms. If cardio isn’t your preferred method, why not think about how exercise can play a part in your everyday life. Maybe you use your car everyday, even for short journeys. You may want to consider walking or cycling to work instead. If you try this out and feel like this works better for you, you won’t have much use for your vehicle anymore. Did you know that you can get cash for cars in Galway at Cars Bought for Cash? This may be something worth looking into if you are serious about selling you car, in the hopes of finding new methods of exercising to speed up your metabolism.
  4. Restore lost muscles
    As you get older some muscles disappears. Varied exercises help maintain and build muscle, and the more muscle you have your metabolism runs faster.
  5. Sleep well
    Only two sleepless nights can make the body to produce more of the hormone that stimulates hunger. Studies show that a lack of sleep disturbs the metabolism, influencing the way the body stores fat leading to weight gain. Seven to nine hours of regular sleep is necessary to feel energized and healthy.

Natural help speed-up the metabolism

– Enter into your body as much liquid as you can (water, teas and natural juices) and foods rich in water (fruits, vegetables, soups)
– Eat more smaller meals during-breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 healthy snakes between
– Don`t skip breakfast
– Eat foods rich in protein every day, because protein boosts the metabolism
– Move around as much as you can, avoid prolonged sitting
– Do not eat before bedtime, because at night the metabolism slows down
– Be sure to properly combine foods that you eat during the day (milk and milk products are not good combination with meat, sweets cannot go after a meal rich in proteins of animal origin, etc.).
– Combine flaxseed with yogurt or kefir and consume in the morning instead of breakfast, it will cleanse your intestines of toxins and speed up indigestion

The following teas are used to speed up metabolism:

– Green tea (excellent antioxidant that cleanses your body of toxins, promotes faster fat burning and metabolism)
– Ginger tea (also detoxifies the body, improves digestion and metabolism)
– Mint tea and lemon
– Nettle tea
– Mixed tea of ??thyme, sage, yarrow, rose hip, St. John’s worth

Consuming the following foods speed up metabolism:

– coffee
– grapefruit
– hot spices
– almonds
– cinnamon
– ginger
– chia seeds
– berries (strawberry, raspberry, cranberry, currant)
– avocado
– quinoa seeds
– hot peppers