What Is The Right Way To Eat Fruits


What is the right way to eat fruits

Many people eat fruits the wrong way. Knowledge for correct consumption of fruit can help the body to make use of the many nutrients that the fruits contain. Then what is correct way and what is the wrong way to eat fruits?
We should know that the human body instinctively craves for fruit. The fruit has an unusually pleasant smell but also has eye-catching colors, and a real joy to eat. On the other hand, need to believe what doctors are saying about the fruits. That they are the most beneficial, most medicinal foods in which we can enjoy only if it is properly eaten.

How do fruits work on the body? Why has research shown that it is one of the foods that is most useful for us? First of all, fruits extraordinary detoxifies the body, because it has a higher water content than other foods, up to 80 to 90%. But this is no ordinary water. Water is distilled from the fruit through the biological composition of the plant which makes the fruit. Thus, distilled water is used as the carrier of all nutrients that fruits contain vitamins, minerals, simple sugars, amino acids, fatty acids and enzymes as catalysts of life. With the correct consumption of fruits, the body can be detoxified of accumulated toxins.

The fruit has a beneficial effect on the reduction of body weight. It also contains phytonutrients with different spectrum, from strengthening of immunity, prevention of cancer through, to cleansing the blood and blood vessels.
Fruit does not use the body energy for digestion, instead, gives you a dose of energy for active life. It is already prepared for the rapid and complete digestion into the body. It is so easy to digest, that it passes through the stomach for half an hour, and then breaks down in the intestines in the ingredients necessary for the organism. Exceptions are only bananas, dried fruits, and dates, which may require a longer time for digestion.

How to eat fruit

The proper nutrition of fruit comes from scientifically proven fact that it does not stay long in the stomach, which it means that it should never be eaten with something else, or right after something else. The most important rule of eating fruit is to take it on an empty stomach! In this way, it is achieved the maximum detoxification of the organisms.A large amount of energy is released from the fruits and it that way the digestive organs are more relieved. This spurt of energy is directed to the elimination of excess weight and increasements of life activities.
If you eat fruit after other food, it can cause a problem. For example, if eaten after lunch will do the following negative things:
– Fruit is prevented from passing through the stomach;
-Rather than digested, fruit ferments and mixed with other food begins to decay and release acid;
-Proteins are rotting, carbohydrates are fermented;
-Problems with indigestion and nausea start and you can feel pain in the stomach.

Never eat fruit:

– With other ingredients (except the apple and carrot);
-Do not combine fruits with un-sprouted grains, because it causes fermentation in the digestive organs;
-Do not eat fruit with a meal or as a dessert, but at least 20 minutes before meals and 2 hours after a meal;
-Do not combine very sour to very sweet fruit;
– Do not eat fruits, especially sour, in large quantities.

Always eat fruit:

-On an empty stomach.
Give priority to domestic and organically grown fruit, not imported (because of transport imported fruits are harvested unripe and processed with chemicals).
If you do eat bananas, imported oranges and lemons, before using, wash them thoroughly with warm water so that the chemicals from the peel does not transfer to the edible part of the fruit.
Can Apple really delay going to the doctor? Although not too rich in vitamin C, active ingredients of the apple increase the effect of vitamin C combined with other fruits and vegetables. It is believed that regular consumption of apples reduces the risk of colon cancer, heart attack, and stroke.
If you consume, every day, 2-4 oranges, you can help your body to be protected from the cold, to lower cholesterol, enable faster dissolution of kidney stones and reduce the risk of colon cancer.

One more thing about fruit:

-Apricot has a beneficial effect on the pressure, vision, protects against Alzheimer’s disease, and slow down aging.
-Blueberries help with cancer, protect the heart, stabilize blood sugar, enhance memory, stop diarrhea.
-Cherries protect the heart, helps with insomnia, slow down the aging.
– Peach has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs.
-Strawberries protect the heart, relieve stress …


– Do not eat fruit after a meal, but eat it on an empty stomach.
-If you eat fruit the right way, you will discover the secret of beauty, longevity, health, energy, happiness. Also, you will have the normal weight.
-Fruit mixed with other foods causes decay and produces gasses and bloating. This will not happen when you eat eg. oranges and lemons because they are sour, and create an alkaline state in the body.
-Watermelon should newer be mixed with other fruit or food.
-Eating the whole fruit is better than drinking juice. If you already want to drink juice, let it be only juices from fresh fruit. Fruit juice should be drunk slowly because it has to be mixed it with saliva before swallowing.
-Every third day you should make it a fruit day, eat only fruit throughout the day, to quickly clean your body of toxins.

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