Refreshing fruit salad recipe

Refreshing fruity breakfast is an ideal start of the day with the addition of medicinal herbs and healthy fats. Every day it is best way to start with a refreshing breakfast that will strengthen each cell in your body.
We suggest a fruit salad with fresh herbs.

refreshing fruit salad recipe

One nectarine;
One pear;
One cup of cherry or blueberries (you can use frozen fruit)
One teaspoon of lemon juice;
One spoon of honey;
Three spoons of olive oil;
A few parsley leaves;
A few leafs of fresh mint;
Fresh basil;
Add salt and pepper (optional) depending on your taste.


Wash the fruits thoroughly, dry them, and then slice them into dices or discs and mix with cherries in a bowl. Then add green plants (mint, basil, parsley).
In a separate small bowl mix lemon juice, olive oil and add spices (salt, pepper) depending of your taste. When it’s ready pour the mixture over the mixed fruit and enjoy a delicious and healthy breakfast that will give you a good amount of energy.

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