3 Reasons why children should not eat sugar

Do you think there’s nothing wrong with your child at home or in school when eating candy and drink soda? Well, think about it again – because sugar even in low quantities is a danger to the children’s health. If your children still want to have something that is high in energy then you could always have a look into some sugar substitutes that aren’t harmful to your child to consume.
It is an alarming fact that children enter in the organism at least six teaspoons of sugar a day, while in the United States they consume even three times larger amount?
Wondering how is it possible?
The reason lies in the fact that refined sugar, in addition to sweets, is also found in many other food products. Even in those that are advertised as healthy.

Why is sugar a great danger to children’s health?

Sugar is harmful to all age groups, and scientists believe it causes many diseases, including those that are the most severe like cancer.
It is particularly damaging to children who are in development and whose dietary habits are just forming.
Therefore, to protect the health of your children, expel refined sugar from their diet.

Sugar creates addiction

If your baby is eating chocolate today, tomorrow they will crave more. Why?
Research has shown that sugar causes addiction.
Therefore, for your child, the best option is to consume only healthy natural substitutes for sugar, such as honey or maple syrup.

Sugar can lead to sleep problems

In the same way that certain foods can help get children ready for sleep, there are others that are known to prevent sleep. Correspondingly, sugary snacks and juices are often to blame for sleeping problems and should be avoided, especially in the evenings. When children consume sugar, their blood sugar levels will increase and then drop significantly. Their little bodies will work hard to re-stabilize their blood sugar and, in doing so, will release adrenaline, a stress hormone, which can cause toddlers to experience restlessness. With this in mind, if your child is going through any of the sleep regression ages, cutting down on sugar is strongly recommended.

Sugar is the cause of many diseases

Recent research confirms that sugar consumption can lead to many diseases – from heart issues to diabetes and cancer.
Accordingly, with childhood cancer on the rise, there is a possibility that an overall increase in sugar consumption in the population as a whole could be contributing to this peak in cases.
Childhood cancer can be incredibly traumatic for families to deal with and therefore it is vital that more research takes place to help young people to reduce their risk of becoming ill.
Correspondingly, you can learn more about the different ways that people can raise awareness about childhood cancer including some brilliant fundraising ideas on the GoFundMe website.
Sugar can also endanger the mental capabilities of your child.
The intake of sugar is linked to hyperactivity and a lack of attention in children. Increased consumption of sugar in your baby’s body also entails excess calories. These calories cannot be consumed and excess is stored as fat. This leads to obesity, which children often “transmit” to the mature and the old age.

Sugar feeds bacteria that cause caries

One hundred years ago, dentist Weston A. Price was shocked because of the steep rise in the number of small patients who came in with the more severe form of caries. This prompted him to start traveling around the world to explore the relationship between diet and oral health. After meeting with tribal communities in whose diet was no refined sugar, he realized that the children and adults there are almost with no carries, even at those who never wash their teeth.
Numerous studies have confirmed a close relationship between poor health and the consumption of sugar.
Today, it is known that carries are causing bacteria in the mouth cavity that are feeding on the sugar.
In addition to refined sugar, many high-fructose corn syrups, as well as glucose-fructose syrup, are found in many commercial products.

How to Avoid Sugar in Your Child’s Diet

High on the list of dangerous foods are:

  • Biscuits
  • Cakes
  • Sweets
  • Industrial pasta sauces
  • Carbonated drinks and fruit juices
  • Muesli

So, get them completely out of the menus. Instead of commercial flakes for breakfast, you can serve some seasonal fruit or oatmeal with berry fruit. If you are buying ready-made flakes, even those that say that they are healthy and contain plenty of fiber, be sure to check if they contain sugar.
Sweets, biscuits, pastries and sweets, in general, can be replaced with unsweetened nuts, dried fruit, fruit and vegetable sticks, rice or oat biscuits, in addition to a small amount of peanut butter and sliced ??banana.
If you cook biscuits or cookies at your home, replace the refined sugar with a healthy alternative, such as honey, maple or agave syrup. Replace the carbonated or soft juices with ordinary mineral water, lemon or freshly squeezed orange juice.
Involve your kids in preparing delicious meals and sugar-free desserts – they will surely love them, and what they will prepare for themselves they will eat with greater enjoyment.
Encourage your kids to eat more fruits and vegetables and a lot of grain products by cutting them on sticks or serving them in the form of interesting figurines.
Replace sugar chocolates with healthy chocolates with stevia and maltitol.
And do not forget that physical activity is also very important for the proper growth and development of children.
If you really are struggling to get them to realize that sugar isn’t great, it may be worth taking them to see your family doctor or show them afmnoco.com, just so they can see or hear advice from another adult. It might just sink in if you do!

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