Nutrition And Age A Pledge Of Beauty And Longevity.

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Nutrition and age: each age their diet! A pledge of beauty and longevity.

In 30 years it is easy to maintain the desired shape and lose weight, at 40 to stay slim becomes a little more difficult, by the age of 45, a tummy appears if you do not exercise. And in the menopause, any extra snack goes straight to the waist and hips, and the activity decreases year by year. After all, proper nutrition is a guarantee of beauty, longevity and good mood.

After the age of 30


Children, career, constant excitement take a lot of energy. Vitamins, iron, minerals and antioxidants become irreplaceable in your diet. In addition, you need animal proteins – they supply the building material to the muscles. At the same time, you should receive proteins during the day, and not in the evening. If you plan a pregnancy, add to the diet foods rich in folic acid.

Minimize the consumption of starchy carbohydrates and sugars, and focus on healthy fats and a large number of vegetables. These foods are nutritious and, important, they will ensure a consistent and sustained release of energy. Be extremely careful with dairy products, it is not recommended to consume them in big quantities daily.

The daily recommended amount of calories is about 2000. A high level of energy will be provided by red meat, green vegetables, nuts, beans, seeds.

After the age of 40

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In most cases, people after 40 begin to be overweight, so it is very important to be attentive to consumed sugar and refined starchy carbohydrates. In addition, in this decade you are more prone to problems with high blood pressure, which means you need to reduce salt intake.

Psychotherapists consider this age to be a time of health crisis. The hormone of good mood – serotonin, is contained in the right amount in such products: oatmeal, turkey meat, and red bell pepper, chocolate. Do not forget about the fish. Polyunsaturated fats contained in fish and meat, protect vessels, activate memory, and improve mental abilities. Nutrition for a woman of 40 years must contain more vegetables and berries, black tea should be replaced with green tea. Depending on your physical activity, your daily caloric intake should be 1300-1500.

After the age of 50

women 50

After 50 years, the bones become brittle, the joints become weaker, and there are problems with the cardiovascular system. Therefore, your main goal is to ensure the optimal amount of substances necessary for bone health. To replenish calcium, you must abandon salty foods, coffee, strong tea and daily intake should include at least 2.5% fat.

In a daily diet should be about 600 grams of greens and vegetables and up to 400 g of berries and fruits. Fiber, which these products contain, promotes the excretion of cholesterol and normalizes the work of the stomach and intestines.

The daily calorie intake is approximately 1300. Once or twice a week, arrange your detoxifying days, excluding completely from your menu fish and meat dishes.

After the age of 60

women 60

This is a period of accelerated accumulation of toxins in your body. It becomes more difficult for an organism to absorb vitamins and minerals that are important for your health. Unfortunately, the immune system weakens, and to maintain it, it is necessary to increase the intake of zinc. It’s good sources are meat, dairy products, whole grains and beans.

You also need to eat foods with a high level of vitamin D, which can be found in eggs, oily fish or in cod liver. You can exclude heavy food from the diet, and simple carbohydrates and fats can be increased – are necessary for the normal operation of the brain.
And yes, at this age in your daily menu there should be alcohol. A glass of red or white wine, 50 grams of cognac or whiskey will not interfere at all, and even vice versa.

Eat right: in 30`s, maintain your energy, in 40`s use many antioxidants as possible, in the 50`s select foods for bowel health, and in the 60`s prevent cognitive decline.

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