Health Benefits Of Quail Eggs

Quail eggs

Health benefits of quail eggs

These “mini-bombs” are filled with vitamins and minerals, and they are excellent in lowering the pressure in case of hypertension and treatment of many other health problems.

The good side of quail eggs

  • Do not cause allergies
  • They contain vitamins B and A and many trace elements
  • They are useful primarily as raw then as cooked, and their shell is also useful.
  • However, if the egg is cooked longer than ten minutes all the vitamins are lost.
  • They don`t contain cholesterol
  • The organism absorbs them easily
  • Quails are not suffering from salmonella which is very important

Who can use quail eggs

Quail’s eggs are used for the improvement of the general state of the body, especially in the case of cardiovascular diseases and particularly in hypertension (they regulate the blood pressure), gastrointestinal tract disorders, impaired vision and poor memory, problems with the thyroid gland, immune deficiency, anemia, and diabetes. Besides in therapeutic purposes, you can eat them as prevention, and are particularly recommended for children.

How to use quail eggs

For prevention: eat four to six raw eggs two or three times a week on an empty stomach. You can do this for three to six months and after six months you should be repeated the treatment. The organism also absorbs well the shell of quail eggs, which contains many useful substances. Dry the shell and grind in a coffee mill. You can put in any food, from half to full teaspoon or simply consume only the shell dust. With the quail egg dust, you can take four to five drops of fresh lemon juice for better taste.
For treatment purposes: Beat four to six eggs and drink with hot water, on an empty stomach every morning.
In the case of nausea and bad stomach: Whisk four eggs with half a teaspoon of sugar, pour 20-30 ml of cognac and drink before a meal (preferably on an empty stomach) or between meals.
For stronger hair: Beat five eggs with three tablespoons of vegetable oil, add half a teaspoon of honey. Carefully mix, and rub in hair roots, cover your head with a towel and leave for an hour. After that, wash your hair. Use this mask twice a week.
For the treatment and prevention of asthma attack: egg mix with half a teaspoon of honey and eat an hour before a meal and the second dose before bedtime. This treatment lasts for 40 days. Pause for two weeks, and then repeat. Usually, it is enough to improve the situation with one to three treatments, depending on the severity of the disease.
In the case of osteochondrosis, a disease of the joints, stretch tendons, bumps:  four to five eggs with shell put in an acetic essence so they completely dissolve. For about two to three days, the shell will dissolve. Add 100 g unsalted butter and mix to get a consistent mass. Rub the painful area until it dries, put on a soft cloth, fasten a bandage and leave overnight. Use this treatment until the disappearance of pain and inflammation.

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