8 Useful Tips For A Good Start Of The Day!

8 useful tips for a good start of the day

8 Useful tips for a good start of the day

What is your morning routine? Do not have one? If not it’s time to adopt some useful morning rules so that the rest of the day would be successful and you can feel fresh and full of energy. Choose at least a few things from the list, and make all your mornings starts well and happy.

8 morning routines

1. Get up on time, but do it slowly

Forget the alarm snooze button and covering your head with a pillow. An additional five or ten minutes in bed doesn`t mean a thing, you will once again be late and in a hurry to start the day. If you are ready to get up at the scheduled hour, you will have enough time to do all that is necessary before going to work, and you will not be nervous. However, do not get up instantly, stay a few minutes in bed to wake up properly and relaxed. This is good for your immune system. Close your eyes breathe deeply and think about everything that makes you happy and satisfied. These positive thoughts will give you the strength and encouragement for the daily tasks that awaits you.

2. Do not immediately turn on the radio or TV to hear the news

If you turn on the radio or TV immediately after you got out of bed and listen to the news, the greater probability is that your day will not start pleasantly. The British studies show that bad news leaves long-lasting negative effects on people psych. So if you start your morning with bad news you will probably be depressed and nervous during the day, even if you try to suppress the information. Therefore, it is much better instead of the sound of the alarm and bad morning news to awake with your favorite song, that way you can enter the day in a better mood.

3. Drink a glass of water

The first thing you need to do after getting out of bed is to drink a large glass of water. Most of us overlook the fact that your body desperately needs water after a long night sleep. In fact, lack of energy is the result of insufficient fluid intake. An even better option is to squeeze a fresh lemon into a glass of warm water with a little honey. This drink will give the much-needed energy and will also help you not to overeat for breakfast. If you have time, you can drink green tea, which is rich in vitamins C and E, various minerals and caffeine. But the most valuable component of green tea is polyphenols, important for the health of blood vessels and metabolism.

4. Enjoy the morning sun

Open the curtains, lift the blinds and let the morning sun wake you up completely. It would be even better if you do not darken the room before going to sleep, let the morning light start your day. In addition, researchers found that light plays a very important role in our biorhythm, light gives us the needed energy, and it is significant for healthy bones, skin, many organs, as well as for the optimal hormone level. In addition, daylight stimulates the secretion of serotonin, the hormone of happiness. Even if it is cloudy, there is no reason for concern, there is enough sunlight to improve our mood.

5. Stretch, exercise, do yoga

Even if you do not like physical activity, especially early in the morning, try at least to stretch a little in front of an open window. The brain will receive plenty of oxygen, and you will be immediately awake. This kind of awakening is particularly good for people with low blood pressure. It will be enough to bend backward from the waist with an extended back and point up the fingertips. You will get rid of the tension, start your metabolism, improve the body posture, you will feel better and will perform the daily tasks easier. If weather conditions permit, try to practice outside to have a greater energy boost. In just ten minutes of well-chosen exercises before breakfast, you can speed up the metabolism and work on your figure.

6. A good breakfast

Breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day. Studies show that if you start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast, you will make better choices during the day. If you eat something you really enjoy, you will be in the right mood at the start of the day! Your choice should be fruit, oats or eggs because they will be the best source of energy for the day. Do not overdo it with carbohydrates and sweets, because they will slow you down later.

7. Hot shower

If you feel weak blood circulation of the body in the morning, you are slow and barely moving, start the morning with a shower and alternate hot and cold water. First, start with the feet and hands, and then gradually up to the heart. If you begin to feel tingling in the hands, it is a sign that the blood circulation is starting to work. To eliminate stress and tension due to obligations that you expect, take a shower with warm, not hot, water so that the muscles of the neck and back can relax.

8. Let the music play while you dress

It is known that music stimulates the brain. As soon as you hear your favorite song, you get aroused! Play music that has rhythm and listens to it while you dress and prepare for work. You will feel the good vibrations and how energetic you are going to start the new day.