8 Foods That Relieve Stress

food that relieve stress

8 Foods that relieve stress

Anxiety, panic, stress … All this draws your energy. Fight with the following stress foods.



This vegetable is a rich source of folic acid, needed for achieving good mood, preserving memory, and speeding up information processing. A higher concentration of folic acid in the blood is directly related to the mitigation of negative mood and clinical depression. In addition, red beet contains betaine and uridine, compounds that the brain uses to create a kind of natural antidepressant.



It helps in regulating hormones in the nervous system, stimulates better mood and has an excellent effect on insomnia. Folic acid, which is in green leafy vegetables, promotes cognitive ability, while a folic acid deficiency can be one of the triggers of depression and anxiety. This vegetable contains magnesium that soothes. In addition to spinach, other green vegetables are also a good choice for reducing stress, especially ruccola, which is also very rich in folic acid and magnesium.



When you are stressed, have a handful of pistachios, cashews, almonds, walnuts or pumpkin seeds as they have enough fiber, antioxidants, and unsaturated fatty acids that reduce blood pressure. Pistachios reduce anxiety, while Omega 3 fatty acids in the walnuts reduce the possibility of depression. In addition to having low proteins and good fats that relieve stress, walnuts are also a good source of magnesium, which helps in the production of energy as well as calms the nervous system.



Composed not only of carbohydrates, e.g. sweet potato, contains a high level of vitamins A, C, and B, and effectively eliminate stress, even lowers the blood pressure. Sweet potato also contains a variety of nutrients that keep the endocrine system.



Lycopene, which makes tomatoes so rich in red color, helps to maintain mood as it prevents the formation of inflammatory chemical ingredients that cause depression. Tomatoes also contain other ingredients that have a positive effect on mood: folic acid, magnesium, iron, and vitamin B6.



Blueberries contain an antioxidant that increases blood circulation and improves cognitive function. In addition, they are rich in vitamin C, which alleviates the effects of stress. People who are taking vitamin C before stressful situations have lower cortisol levels in the body and lower blood pressure than those who do not.



Bananas are an excellent choice for fighting stress because they contain potassium that helps your body stay hydrated. They also contain magnesium, vitamin B6 and many other nutrients that soothe the nervous system. With increased intake of vitamin B, you will almost certainly increase your mood, as it is known that every fourth depressed person suffers from a lack of vitamin B complex.

dark chocolate

Dark chocolate

In dark chocolate, basic ingredient is L-tryptophan, a neurotransmitter responsible for the release of the brain. In addition, it contains magnesium, one of the more nutritious ingredients needed to produce serotonin, a primary hormone responsible for good will. Dark chocolate also contains phenylethylamine, which works on brain function and has a positive effect on good mood and happiness. The best choice is chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, and the use of dark chocolate stimulates the release of endorphins, which contributes to well-being.

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