7 Everyday Habits That Can Accelerate Aging

7 everyday habit

7 Everyday habits that can accelerate aging

No one has not still found the magic wand that will stop aging, but you can help yourself a little if you get rid of these everyday bad habits …
Notice that despite the daily care of your skin loses its elasticity and becomes dry. Are these the signs of aging? Not necessarily. Maybe you are just not aware of how some habits affect the appearance of your skin.

Exercise without protection cream

Most of us avoid using any cream when exercising outside in order to avoid excessive sweating. Hyperhidrosis can be the cause of low self esteem as it can lead to sweaty armpits and put people off social interactions; it is, however, treatable with a procedure involving botox. Just half an hour of running or exercising outdoors is enough to get sunstroke. Your skin is exposed to strong sunlight which can affect the skin appearance. Wrinkles, age spots, all skin changes are the result of exposure to UV rays, especially today when the sun rays are stronger than before. Therefore, next time try not to go out without a protective layer of sun cream or wear something to cover your body!

Consuming alcohol

Alcohol not only causes a hangover the next day but also affects the hydration of the body as well as bad absorption of vitamins, especially vitamin A, which is essential for the inhibition of collagen, a substance vital for the skin elasticity.

Eating food that contains too much sugar

Are you a fan of soft drinks, chocolate, and other sweets? Maybe it’s time to leave this little passion aside. A high blood sugar level reduces the level of collagen in your skin which enhances the appearance of wrinkles and makes the skin dry.

Not wearing sunglasses

Glasses are a guardian angel of your eyes or the skin around the eyes, which is the thinnest and most sensitive. Choose sunglasses that have protection from UV rays. Need more motivation? 10 percent of skin cancers occur in the region of the eye, that makes only 1 percent of the total area of the skin of the human body.

Listening to loud music

Today, more and more people who listen to loud music though headphones are unaware that the loud music irritates the ear and the nerves in the brain. This leads to gradual weakening of hearing. Even though you won’t be able to hear like you were once able to, there are many things that you can do these days to allow you to regain some of your weakened hearing. One of the best places to start could be to try these hearing amplifiers reviews to see if these devices are something that you could consider having fitted to your ear. This should help you to hear the sounds around you more clearly than what you could if you didn’t have them at all.

Spending long hours in front of the computer

We know, today anything can be rarely done without a computer. This is our job, of course, but… Keep in mind that when you sit for a long time in front of the computer in a light room and zoom those pages, try not to squint because it causes wrinkles around the eyes, and headaches also. Also, make a pause and avoid sitting for several hours.

Excessively cleaning the face

Essential skin care requires that every day you remove makeup and wash your face, plus the use of day cream that hydrates your skin. But here’s the point. Choose one skin cleanser which deeply cleanses your skin and it is enough. No day and night peelings, different oils and so on. The skin has its own natural protective factor for the deep skin layers from external factors.