6 Natural Foods For Arthritis Treatment

6 natural foods for arthritis

6 Natural foods for arthritis treatment

Most people like to visit a chiropractor such as MySpine Chiropractic Center for help with their arthritis, but some prefer to take oral treatments. There are many pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis. If they really work so well, you have to ask yourself – why do we need so many? There are numerous of natural remedies for arthritis that are equally useful for reducing pain and swelling caused by arthritis, removing the cause of inflammation in the body. Cannabis strains like purple space cookies have been known to help those with arthritis. We present to you the six best ways to reduce the inflammation by eating natural foods. So, try these six natural remedies for arthritis.


Surely you’ve heard about this amazing spice many times. Did you know that the turmeric has an anti-inflammatory effect? It was found that the turmeric extract is more effective than some very popular drugs for arthritis that are incomparably more expensive. The effectiveness may vary depending on the type of arthritis you are suffering from and how serious the pain has become. If you suspect you may be developing a form of arthritis then you may want to learn about AC joint pains online. Nonetheless, we recommend that you include the turmeric into your daily meals.



Coastal Maori have a very low frequency of osteoarthritis and is probably likely due to frequent consumption of pineapple. Enzyme bromelain that the pineapple contains has excellent anti-inflammatory properties. Pineapple is also excellent for improving the health of the kidneys, increasing bone density as well as the release of the parasites from the body.


Anti-inflammatory nature of ginger is known for centuries. The studies included patients who received 225 mg of ginger supplements twice a day and showed that the pain had been reduced to 63% compared to 50% of the patients who received drugs with the placebo effect.While it would be difficult to consume this much ginger without taking ginger supplements, it would still be a better solution than the use of pharmaceutical drugs, that many of them have unwanted side effects.



Among the best natural remedies for arthritis are cherries. This delicious fruit has a lot of anthocyanins, plant pigments that have powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Researchers at the Medical Center in Philadelphia found that patients who consumed two bottles of cherries juice a day for 6 weeks had enormous progress in eliminating pain and stiffness.

Flax seeds and hemp

Foods that are rich in Omega 3 fatty acids are very good for controlling arthritis. Flax seeds and hemp, are filled with these essential fatty acids, which not only enhance the overall functioning of the organism but stimulate brain activity and act as essential nutrients for growth and development of the human body. Hemp, and its psychoactive cousin cannabis (which can also be known as god’s green crack) has been known to be beneficial to the human body for centuries.

Organic apple vinegar

Fermented apple vinegar made from organic apples contains special enzymes that help our body heal in different ways. Arthritis is often caused by a lack of certain mineral in the body. Vinegar contains calcium, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, which are essential for pain relieve in the joints. It is packed with antioxidants such as beta-carotene and acetic acid that have almost miraculous effects in relieving pain caused by arthritis. The healing properties of apple cider vinegar are almost endless.
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